Chapter 2: Post-Fossil Landscape

What will the environment of tomorrow look like?

The post-fossil landscape comprises several landscapes. There are the relics and waste areas remaining after the fossil energy era of the Industrial Age: highways, opencast mining, oil fields, rubbish dumps and landfills. These fossil fuel landscapes can simultaneously be described as post-fossil because they – or at least their environmental repercussions – will outlive the fossil age. In addition to these ensuing landscapes as products of the fossil fuel age, new landscapes are being established, distinguished by wind turbines, solar plants, dams and the machinery of biomass production. Other landscapes will disappear altogether as a consequence of climate change and ensuing desertification or flooding. Many of these changes can no longer be stopped. We can only anticipate the consequences and react accordingly in advance.



025 The Great Pyramid

027 The Green Desert Mine

031 Jühnde Bioenergy Village

032 2100-Elsdorf am See

038 City Islands

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